Samus' Gunship

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It amuses me that Ridley is attempting to intimidate you after his attempts to intimidate me fell flat.

After what I’ve been through with him, I doubt he can surprise me as badly as the Bottle Ship. Even though I wasn’t on my game that battle, I still defeated him.


"…Alright- I’ll keep that in mind, ‘Aran.’ "

Samus quickly tilted her head to the side, checking the nearest digital clock. It had gotten late. If all went according to plan, tomorrow would be an important day- she didn’t want to risk screwing it up due to exhaustion.

Well, this has been interesting- but I really ought to be heading back to the gunship. It’s getting late, got a crucial target I’m due to meet with tomorrow. Stay safe, alright?”

She nodded. Such strange things have been happening lately. Samus began to wonder if she had messed up somewhere down the line resulting in continuity splits. If such an event were to have transpired, she had little doubt in her mind that this would cause duplicates of herself. She needed more time to collect an organize her thoughts.

"Hey, -er…. Samus!" That name sounded strange coming from her. She’s never referred to another by her own name before. "Keep me updated with everything, if at all possible." She eyed the Zebesian as she left the bar. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t know what to do.


Samus sighed. 

"Always the first question people have, these days. In a nutshell, I walked into a trap, managed to get captured by pirates, and the detachment’s science team did this to me in captivity- I’m still not sure how, exactly… But the Federation’s working on it; or so they tell me.”

"Anyway, this meeting was pure chance, believe it or not… And I don’t see anything wrong with just ‘Samus,’ do you?"

She could understand where there might be some confusion, but she found herself feeling oddly uncomfortable at the prospect of taking up an alternate name for her new form. 

The huntress let out a small sigh. Was it even possible for spare pirates to capture her? Well technically she was her, and Samus was this Samus… A look of minor frustration manifested upon Samus’ brow. It wasn’t particularly difficult to keep her thoughts straight, but it was more of a chore than normal. It may lead to confusion when dealing with any more people as well.

"I suppose not, though it would simplify things. In any case, please feel free to refer to me as ‘Aran’ to reduce communication error."

She thought for a few seconds, drawing the conclusion that although they may be the same person, she would not consider it so. This new Samus was an entirely different being from her. There was still much she was unsure about, but she decided to be civil to the Zebesian doppelganger. In time she was sure she’d find the answers she needed.

<hands samus box of baby metroids> so ya wanna go out sometime? <pirate walks in and is promptly devoured by ridley> ok side question whats more shocking to you the 1st question or the fact i ate a pirate.

greetings huntress i am space pirate overlord raidly i just want to ask ya a question, is it a bad thing to be a pirate and still be attracted to you aran?

Honestly Samus was shocked at the question. She never expected anyone to ask something like this so casually, let alone a member of the Space Pirates! She took a small moment to regather her senses before replying aggressively. “If you have a death wish, then by all means continue.”


Samus’ Gunship: I’m Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter- and so are you, apparently. Samus…


I’m Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter- and so are you, apparently.

Samus looked up in disbelief. For a small moment she just stared, unable to form a sentence. You’ve got to be joking, she thought. There’s no way this alien creature before her could be…her!

A few tense moments passed before Samus…

The Zebesian folded her arms, subtly forcing her alien beak into a smirk at her copy’s astonishment.

"Can’t be that hard to believe, can it? You’ve already met another one of us, right?"

"I guess it wouldn’t be so difficult to believe, though the other mewasn’t technically with me as you are now. She stayed on the other side of the wormhole through which we met." She took a sip from her small glass. "If my theory is correct, she’d die if she were to come into this universe. Her body is highly corrupted with Phazon, and from what I’ve seen, Phazon simply gets destroyed here.” Her explanation was rather dry, but hopefully it made just enough sense to her alternate self.

"So," she continued, "I have three questions. How did you get to be the way you are now? What is it you want? And how should I refer to you?"

I’m Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter- and so are you, apparently.

Samus looked up in disbelief. For a small moment she just stared, unable to form a sentence. You’ve got to be joking, she thought. There’s no way this alien creature before her could be…her!

A few tense moments passed before Samus was able to speak. “You’re Samus Aran?” She’s crossed her legs and placed a elbow on the small table she was sitting at, a drink in her free hand. Her blue eyes reflected the dim, yellowish lights of the bar. I think I’m going to need another drink.

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Cold. True, but cold.

It’s something that only time healed. Only fairly recently in my life have I realized all I put the Chozo through, and for that I am eternally grateful. I may never be able to repay them for what they have done, but I will no doubt continue to try.

Dr. Keller:*Appears in a flash of light* DAMMIT I got the coordinates wro- *Looks up and sees Samus* O-oh. Hello. Hold on, you look familiar… *A holographic interface appears above his right arm* Yes, I believe you are called Samus Aran? Yes, I’ve heard about you, Huntress. Many stories have been told in my time about you. Anyways, I’ve got to be off. Nice meeting you. *Presses a few buttons on a device on his wrist, then slams his hand down. He then disappears in another flash of light*

Dr. Keller: *Reappears* Hold on, just a question, would you be able to assist me if I needed help trying to take out a person who could potentially destroy all of time and space? You would be a very valuable ally.

The sudden appearance of the man startled her. She said nothing, though her mouth hung open and her lower lip quivered as though she was about to shout. Samus quickly regained composure; her initial thought being ‘attack the intruder.’ However, so realized almost immediately that he was not an enemy and thus did not act. Just as suddenly as he had appeared, he left. She sat there with a bewildered look on her face.

"Well then," she muttered before turning back to her work. "That certainly was strange."

She reached over for her mug when the man reappeared. With a small amount of adrenaline in her system, her reflexes kicked in, causing her to throw the heavy glass. He managed to ask her the question before impact.


((For the record, Shade’d never agree to do this.

That is why I have drawn it for you.

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